Dummy – A Feature Film Project

Raising Funds to Bring this Story to the Big Screen

We are excited to announce that we are actively working towards bringing Dummy a Memoir to the big screen in a feature film.

Currently we are raising funds to write the first draft of the script. We are proud to announce that we’ll be working with Barry Morrow the screen writer to produce the script.

What Barry had to say about the prospect of making the film: 

I read Dummy: A Memoir, I love the project and I want to make this film and I would love to see Dummy made into a movie. This is an important book. – Barry Morrow (Oscar winner for the Rain Man script)

Let’s Make a Movie!

If you would like to discuss the opportunity of working together to bring this story to film please contact us.

David Patten may be reached at: 808-292-9611 or by sending an email below. Thanks for your interest!

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